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This Other Road

31 Dec

My license to practice shorthand in Texas courts expires tonight at midnight.  I gotta tell you, it seems strange.

Actually, my career ended a few years ago because of arthritis in my left hand.  I’m used to it now, so that’s not what feels strange.  Admitting I’m “old” enough to have arthritis and, therefore, letting my license expire is what feels strange.  How and when did that happen?

I was among the first group of reporters to be tested and certified (not grandfathered) back in ’78 — when you could still find plenty of old-school judges and lawyers around the courthouse.  The profession treated me well for 31 years, and I’ll bet you can’t find one other reporter in Texas who can make the claim of being assigned to three nice and slow-talking judges!  

Here is my only on-the-job “action” shot.

IMG_0792 copy

What does this have to do with riding a motorcycle?  Not a thing, yet everything.  When all is said and done, it’s merely one part of the journey to reach my destination, isn’t it?  Yes, for me it’s always about the journey.

So I wonder where this other road goes. . . .

Peace on the road!
CSR No. 364 (Exp. 12-31-12)


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