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Riding the Big Bend

13 Dec

Riding the Big Bend is the first video from The Long Scoot Down, a scooter trip taken with a group of friends in October.  Stay tuned for a detailed account about that trip and a second video, Riding the River Road.

There is usually a huge disparity between the awesome videos we see on the GoPro website and the videos put out by us regular people.   I think most of us don’t care about “looking professional,” but we do want to put together a quality video that our friends will enjoy.

To that end, Auntie Biketrash would like to discuss GoPro issues from time to time.  Although 98 percent of her readers have no interest in that subject, she cordially invites the remaining 2 percent to chime in with their own tips and tricks.

I’ll start with two of the most obvious lessons learned from Riding the Big Bend.   Aargh!

1)  Clean your GoPro housing every time you take a break!
2)  Don’t let your tether flap in the breeze behind your helmet!

Ross Maxwell

Now, if I can only come up with a vibration-free mount.  Any suggestions?

Peace on the road!

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

7 Oct

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride “is all about dapper, classic bikes, laughter and men. It is a motorcycle ride that takes place in over 110 cities worldwide on the exact same day. In 2013 the money raised . . . will be split between charities that focus on Prostate Cancer research and awareness that showcase preventive procedures.”   (From the website.)


Yesterday I joined several gentlemen and a few gentlewomen for the first annual Austin DGR.  I never miss a chance to wear a fake distinguished mustache, and Evelyn (my yellow HD200) even caught the spirit by donning a black tie.


We met at Full English for an authentic English brekkie.


A few of the dapper gents.




And a few of the bikes.



Auntie Biketrash (or is that Uncle Biketrash?) would like to invite her dear readers, if they are so moved, to contribute a few quids to the health of our guys.  If so, here is a link to the donation page for my mate, Lonnie the Lonster.  Donations will be accepted for a few more days.


And who do you suppose won the award for most distinguished gentleman?  The prize was an awesome t-shirt.  In fact, I love the t-shirt so much, that if my left hand could pull in a clutch lever, tomorrow I’d accessorize with a Triumph Bonnie  as soon as the doors open at Lonestar!


Here is a slideshow/video of our ride.

Peace on the Road!

Wednesday Night Scooter Ride

24 Aug

So here I am back in Des Moines, Iowa.  (Yes, I took the cage!)  Fortunately, before leaving Austin, I was able to squeeze in a Wednesday night ride with the Austin Scooter Club

We met at one of my favorite eating joints,  Top Notch Hamburgers drive-in restaurant — a nostalgic venue for the baby boomers.  

About 16 scooters crowded into a few parking spots under the drive-in canopy.

By the time everyone had their fill of hamburgers and tots, the sun was setting, temperature was dropping, and it was time to roll out for an in-town ride.

It was dark when we arrived at Kick Butt Coffee, just in time for the comedy open mic.  Without, ahem, commenting on the comedians, before long we ended up outside for some more socializing.

Here are a few sights and sounds from the ride.  


As always, I had a great time with my scooter friends.  We need to do these midweek rides more often!

Peace on the Road!


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