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In Memory of Sgt. “Twostep” Huckstep

3 Feb

After a three-month break from Biketrash Holiday, imagine my surprise yesterday when I happened to check blog stats as 140 hits arrived within a few hours. 

Google searches came in from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia; and they all led to Let’s Roll. . . ., Biketrash Holiday’s first post on July 4th, 2010.

From my own search, I learned that 23-year-old Sgt. Adam Cody Huckstep, the subject of that first blog post, was killed in Georgia while riding his motorcycle.  After completing his tour of duty in Iraq, he was stationed at Fort Stewart and was getting ready to be sent to Afghanistan.  Friends Remember Fort Stewart Soldier gives us the details of what happened.

The thing I remember best about Sgt. Huckstep’s 4th of July homecoming is that hundreds of people of all ages, opinions and walks of life came together that day to honor this soldier, and it was important.  You could see it in their faces.   It was so. . . well, American. 

As this year’s election heats up with mean-spirited political and social attacks from both “sides,” let’s not forget what matters in this country.  It’s really quite simple.  We’re all on the same team.  Kids in pre-school know that.

Sgt. Huckstep devoted his short life to our country — AND he was a guy who loved riding his motorcycle.  Something tells me he would’ve stopped to help if I were stranded on the side of the road.  THAT, my friends, is an example of what’s important.

Rock of the Marne!

Peace on the Road!


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