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Home, Sweet Home

26 Jun

Just a quick note to say I safely made it home early yesterday. This was one of the best trips ever, and I’m so grateful for having the good health and means to pull it off.

Now that my hands are on a real keyboard and computer. . . .   I’ve accumulated  hundreds of pictures, video clips, and scraps of journaling notes over 5,844 miles, so it will take some time to organize all that.  Gotta get to work — but first I’ll update that Visited States — and Provinces — map!

Stay tuned. . . same BT time, same BT channel!

Long live long rides!

Peace on the Road!

Close, But Not Quite

24 Jun

Checked in at the Legends Inn in Junction, Texas, where it’s 103. Only 143 miles from home, but I can’t bear the thought of going through Austin’s Friday afternoon traffic in this heat.

Why am I clear over in Junction, which is west of Austin? Hwy 83, one of the longest highways in the US — starting in Canada and ending at the Mexican border — runs through Junction. When I went to Canada a few days ago, I hopped onto 83 and have been on it ever since. I’ll finish the ride to Mexico another time.

By the way, Minot, ND, where I had my flat tire, is in the news today. Much of the town has been evacuated because of massive flooding.

Contrast that with a picture I took of the Red River this morning. Crazy!


Peace on the road!

P. S. Will someone shut up that yapping dog?

Almost Home!

23 Jun

Fun day, but it sure got hot!

Visited Fort Cody Trading Post in North Platte, Nebraska. Got to see the two-headed calf, but was disappointed that they didn’t have the five-legged cow that was promised!


Next on the agenda was the largest hairball in the world in Garden City, Kansas. (More about that later.)


Tonight I’m in Canadian, Texas, which is way up in the Panhandle. I’m taking an unusual route so may or may not make it home tomorrow.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a real keyboard!

Peace on the road!

Canada Revisited

21 Jun

Except for the fact that Lizzie had a flat rear tire, this was another great day of adventure!

Since Bismarck is so far north and there is still so much severe weather to the south, I decided to ride up to Canada and add Saskatchewan and Manitoba to my visited states and provinces.

Took several pics with the camera but can’t publish them now. Here is the only picture taken with the phone today. As gloomy as the weather looks, it’s actually great compared to how it was yesterday.


While coming back from Canada, at some point around Minot, ND, Lizzie’s rear tire went flat from an embedded nail. Miraculously found a Honda dealer that had the correct size tire.

The whole ordeal was safely taken care of in a few hours. It could have easily turned into a terrible nightmare, and I’m feeling very grateful and fortunate right now!

Peace on the road!


20 Jun

Left Bismarck yesterday morning by way of North Dakota’s Old Red/Old Ten Scenic Byway, which meanders through prairie grasslands. Storms were blowing up everywhere, but they never caught up with me.


Had a fantastic time in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Western North Dakota. The highlight was seeing a band of about 30 wild horses and taking a video of two wild horses trotting past me on the highway.



Today I rode over 200 miles and got nowhere! Headed north and turned around because of extremely thick fog and rain. Couldn't go south because of severe storms, so here I am back at the Days Inn in Bismarck. Nice of them to let me check in at noon!

While the weather is frustrating, I consider it a successful day because of my safe arrival, especially since it's pouring down rain right now.

Its no fun posting to BT Holiday by phone (one example being the html junk I can't get rid of), but will do so again when there is time.

Peace on the Road!

World’s Largest Saturday

18 Jun

Well, I thought I’d gotten around the problem with WordPress, but apparently not. Got a detailed post together, only to have it dumped.

Briefly, here are a few fun pics taken today — the first being the world’s largest prairie chicken and the second being the World’s largest buffalo –named Dakota Thunder.



Right now I’m in Bismarck, ND, and am looking forward to spending Sunday in Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

Peace on the road!

Da Yoop

12 Jun

If you’re like me and néed to ask what the heck “da Yoop” means — it’s slang for the U.P. or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

If I had to pick one word to describe da Yoop, it would be green. There are lush wetlands, tall trees and the sweet smell of pine. I’m lovin’ every mile!

Thick forest of birch trees and blue sky.


Eagle Harbor on Lake Superior.


Tomorrow we cross the border into Canada, and the weather looks good. Sorry for the brief update, but I can’t seem to work out the computer issues.

Peace on the road!

Canada, here I come!

8 Jun

That’s right, folks! Auntie Biketrash is on her way to Canada!

One technical problem, though. WordPress, which hosts BT Holiday, is requiring an upgrade on my little Asus laptop and there isn’t enough room on the hard drive for that upgrade.

Posting from my phone is turning out to be a little tedious, so it looks like updates will be short and sweet. I’ve already got a few good stories for you, so I’ll try to figure out a way around it

Tomorrow I leave Des Moines and head out for Lake Superior, WI. This is gonna be a good one!

Peace on the road!


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