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Official Scooter Goodwill Ambassadors

4 Apr

Recently I had the great honor of serving as a scooter goodwill ambassador in the Capital 10,000 race.   Well, um, okay. . . .  Maybe that’s a little grandiose — but it sure was fun!

The Capital 10,000 is the largest 10k race in Texas, with well over 22,000 participants this year.   In our official capacity as ambassadors, 19 scooters from the Austin Scooter Club  rode ahead of the racers to toss T-shirts and provide a little entertainment for the crowds and volunteers while they waited for the main event.

We met at the IHop early — and I mean early.  

We lined up on the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge just as the sun was coming up.   That’s the State Capitol dome way down the Avenue.

One of our jobs was to stay in front of the wheelchair racers, and we timed it for a few photo ops.  This was taken in front of the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Austin.  No secret why this crowd was “employed” as ambassadors and not bouncers!  You can see that everyone had a bulging bag full of  T-shirts to be tossed.  

Of course, the pink granite Capitol Building of the Great State of Texas!

Restocked on T-shirts at the halfway point and looped back to the First Street Bridge. 

Our formal ambassadorial duties abruptly ended as we crossed the finish line and were whisked clear of the racers.  Several of us kept the spirit rolling  with a late breakfast at Star Seeds Cafe.

Here is official video documentation of our goodwill mission.  You’ll see in the video that everyone had a scooterrific time, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Peace on the Road!


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