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Decision Made

8 Jan

Before we begin today’s episode, I’ll remind everyone that today is the birthday of the undisputed King of Rock ‘n Roll.   Elvis Aaron Presley was born on this date in 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi.  He would have been 76.  His twin brother, Jessie Garon, was stillborn, leaving Elvis to be an only child.  Y’all know the rest of the story.  Happy birthday, E.P.!

Now, in case you’re wondering  what I decided to do about that left-handed problem. . . .

I made the decision to go with the EFM auto clutch  to help out my weak left hand.  (See New Year’s Solution.)  Dropped off Lizzie at Austin City Powersports a few days ago to get things started.  The entire clutch assembly needs to be removed and sent to Ohio for modifications, and the work could conceviably be done by the end of this month.  As Elvis would say, TCB!

Peace on the Road!

New Year’s Solution

1 Jan

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to think about my two-wheeled future. 

Those of you who have been following Biketrash Holiday for a while may have noticed a sharp decrease in motorcycle miles in 2010.  It’s only right that I confess to y’all and to myself that I’ve been in denial about a serious issue and am forced to face a difficult fact.   The tendons in my left hand and wrist, which operate the clutch, have become increasingly weak, and it’s impossible to ride the motorcycle any distance without pain. 

It seems to have started back in the eighties when, working as a court reporter, I was in court all day every day and that left arm and hand would go numb for weeks at a time.  In the nineties, working as a ride marshal and motorcycle official for the US Cycling Federation, I frequently had to crawl along behind the peloton, constantly changing gears and feathering the clutch, leaving my hand tired and weak.  Then in this century, add trigger digit in the  left thumb and index finger, and my poor ole hand has worn itself out and doesn’t want to play anymore.  (Thus ends complaints.)

That being said, I am not yet ready to give up my long two-wheeled rides.  No way, man!  There are apparently two options to keep riding:   installing an EFM auto clutch on Lizzie or getting a maxi scooter.  The auto clutch is an expensive risk, but the perfect choice if it works like it’s supposed to.  In some ways a maxi scooter would be easier, but I’d still have to use my left hand for the rear brake, which is less than a perfect choice.  

So here is the New Year’s Solution:  I WILL make a decision NEXT WEEK about which option to choose:  EFM auto clutch or maxi scooter.  Whichever option is chosen, I WILL keep riding and WILL have some amazing BTH experiences in 2011!

Lest we forget the “Why?” in all this, here is a photo taken on the AMA Conference ride, showing the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  This, my friends, is why.


A few “housekeeping” matters. . . .

You may or may not have noticed a fairly new link on the right sidebar, FleeterLogs Travel Journal, where you’ll find many interesting and entertaining motorcycle travel stories with plenty of pictures.  Check it out.

And about that Three Twisted Sisters video you were promised a few months ago. . . .  There is more than enough great material for half a video, but the most important half — the actual riding on the sisters — did not turn out so well.  With the sun being at such a low angle in November, the tall limestone cliffs shaded the roads to the point that they’re not bright and inviting like they they are when the sun is high in the sky.   You know Auntie Biketrash insists on portraying our Hill Country at its best, so will finish the video next spring.

Okay.  So let’s get on with 2011!

Best wishes for a healthy and safe New Year; and, as always, Peace on the Road!


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