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Twisted Sisters Wrap-Around

15 Nov

Hello from Austin, Texas!

Picking up where we left off on Saturday. . . .

So glad we stayed the extra day on Saturday.  The sky was blue and bright, with plenty of light to take videos with the helmet cam.   Hopefully there will be enough to put together a Twisted Sisters video.  If not, guess we’ll just have to go back and get some more!

Did an out-and-back on two of the sisters, 335 and 337, all the way to Medina.  For the first time ever, it felt like I was one with Lizzie on the twists and turns, and I was able to effortlessly zip through from beginning to end.  Used to ride the Intruder like that and have missed it something fierce.  I was able to recapture the euphoria, altered state — whatever you want to call it — because last week, for the first time in 3.5 years, my left shoulder released and miraculously rotated into its proper place.  No more straining and holding back!   That’s what I’m talkin’ about!


One thing you do not ever want to do is ride a motorcycle in the Texas Hill Country at dusk, especially during the peak (right now!) of white-tailed deer rut.  It’s dangerous because they seem to be everywhere and constantly pop out onto the road.  This has to be the favorite time of year for vultures and auto body shops.

That being said. . . we didn’t do the best job of keeping track of time, ended up returning at dusk and crawling along the last 20 miles or so.  Bet we had to completely stop five times out on the highway to avoid a potential collision.  Of course, as the light waned, the slower we went, the more deer on the road.  Never want to do that again!  But, in spite of frazzled nerves, we made it back safe and sound, and that’s what counts.

This picture was taken a short while before we got onto the Junction highway, and you can see the long, late-afternoon long shadows.  Oopsie!

So remember me talking about running into Kathy and Jim at the museum?  Well, their riding group had coincidentally moved to Junction and our same hotel.  It was good to be with friends after that nerve-wracking experience, and they patiently indulged us as we recounted our story several times!  We all rode back to Austin together on Sunday, which was fun.  Had a great time hanging out with them and hope to get to do it again soon.

Peace on the Road!


Post Under Construction

13 Nov

Fun day re-riding the Sisters!   Got back to the hotel late and am too tired to post! 

Stay tuned!  Same BT time, same BT channel!

Peace on the Road!


More Sisters!

12 Nov

Hello again from Junction, Texas!

We covered a lot of ground today,  so let me give just a few highlights.

After riding on a few roads I’d never been on, we eventually wound up at the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool.  For an unexpected surprise, our good friends, Kathy and Jim, coincidentally showed up a few minutes later.   Sure was fun seeing them there!

This amazing little museum is owned by a former American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association competitor, who has plenty of stories to keep everyone entertained.  He’s from Australia, and I enjoyed hearing his accent when he talked.  Here I am trying to look tough on the one bike we were allowed to get on.  Notice the pan of kitty litter underneath to catch the oil spills.

Had a genuine Aussie meat pie  at the Ace Cafe, which is located at the back of the museum.   Truthfully, it was way too salty and I didn’t care for it, but the home-made pineapple-coconut pie more than made up for it!   I’m told the burgers are fantastic and the fries are even better.

This picture shows the amber grass I was talking about yesterday.  It also shows how cloudy it was today, with the sun breaking through intermittently.

Finally got to ride my favorite sister, 335, late in the afternoon.  She isn’t as twisted as the other two, but her scenery is definitely the best.  The next two pictures show a few of the more, ahem, unusual sights.

Looks like the windy and cloudy  weather is passing tonight and we’ve decided to stay until Sunday.   Hope to be able to get some good video tomorrow.

Peace on the Road!


Veterans Day Ride in the Hill Country

11 Nov

Hello from Junction, Texas!

Before we begin with today’s adventure, Auntie Biketrash wants to remind everyone that today is Veterans Day (written without an apostrophe), where we honor our nation’s military veterans.  European countries call it Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.  Major hostilities of World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with Germany signing the Armistice, and President Wilson declared November 11th a national holiday in 1919.

So. . . this morning Desha and I left Austin for three days of riding in the Texas Hill Country.  Specifically, our goal is to spend time enjoying the Twisted Sisters in the Medina-Leakey-Camp Wood area.  The twisted sisters are three farm-to-market highways that offer some of the best — maybe even THE best riding and scenery in the state.  Unfortunately, for various reasons we didn’t get started this morning until 10:30, so our stops were rushed and we didn’t have time to take photos and hang out at any one place for very long.

Keeping with the sisters theme, our route took us through Sisterdale, which is not too far from Austin.  Check out this Sisterdale link for the unusual history.  From there we took a slow route and were able to enjoy lovely brown, red, orange, and amber fall colors at every turn.  Had a completely different feel from a summer ride down the same road.

Right after passing through Sisterdale, a buck suddenly jumped out of the trees and ran across the road in front of us.  In spite of the butt-pucker moment, we had a good laugh because there was a thick mass of bright green foliage wrapped around his antlers that trailed behind as he ran.   So is that the dorky-deer equivalent of having toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

Stopped for lunch at The Apple Store, formerly called Cider Mill Cafe, in Medina for lunch and had a fantastic hamburger with our choice of three kinds of tasty home-made buns (sourdough, jalapeno, and sesame seed), fresh apple pie, and apple ice cream with hot apple-cider sauce.  MMMmmmm good!

Highway 337, the twistiest of the twisted sisters, begins (or ends) in Medina, and I felt myself grinning from ear to ear as she greeted us with limestone cliffs, a herd of buffalo, amber meadows, smooth pavement and a steady pace and rhythm of tight curves.

At Leakey we hopped onto 336.  She’s not quite as twisted as 337, but the scenery is magnificent and the fall colors seemed to be more vibrant in the late afternoon light.

Tomorrow will not be so rushed and I promise to take some pictures.

Peace on the Road!


P.S. Auntie Biketrash says, Always thank a vet!

For a Few Scooters More Gymkhana Video

2 Nov

Gymkhana video is now available for your viewing pleasure! 

What’s a gymkhana, you ask?  For a quick explanation, read all about it in the For a Few Scooters More rally writeup.

For a Few Scooters More Gymkhana Video

(If your computer has trouble playing this video, click on the HD in the bottom right-hand corner of the movie screen to turn off the High Definition.  It also might be helpful to let the movie load for a few minutes before you begin playback.)

Peace on the Road!



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